Water is our No.1 food

General information

The best water is pure spring water or from mountain streams above 1,500 m. Preferably non-carbonated and never from plastic bottles! Since few are lucky enough to pull straight from a source, here are 3 ways we will be drinking quality water in the future.

Advantage : We know exactly how much water we have drunk based on the empties at the end of the day. It is the best quality in bottled water.
Disadvantage : Glass bottles are heavy, need storage space, need to be transported and disposed of. This is harmful to the environment and there are differences in taste and quality depending on the transport route, temperature change and storage.

Always available. The best controlled food.

Our water system does not have a "firewall".
The limit values ​​include only a few values ​​and are adjusted to political, technical and economic feasibility.
The best example is the current discussion about the use of pesticides in agriculture. The measuring point is the waterworks. What the water absorbs between the waterworks and the local extraction point is not taken into account. There is no doubt that the water has changed both bio-physically and often chemically after its long journey through the straight penstocks.

Anyone who filters and/or swirls their water is doing something good for their body, protects the environment and always has consistent and excellent quality.
The systems, some of which have been tried and tested thousands of times for decades, are easy to install on the tap or in/on the water pipe and help privately, on the go and at work.
An investment that, depending on the benefit and number of people, pays for itself within a few months and sustainably increases our well-being.

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Return Information

Yes, with us you have a 14-day right of return.

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The right of withdrawal does not apply to contracts

• for the supply of goods that are not prefabricated, including a product personalized by engraving, and for the production of which an individual choice or determination by the consumer is decisive or which are clearly tailored to the personal needs of the consumer;

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