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Descale water in the household

Almost everyone knows this problem: we often find traces of limescale in our household, be it in the water pipe, in the household appliances or on the surfaces where water often gets. Most of the time we see the typical lime stains, blockages occur, in the worst case lime can even destroy fittings and essential parts of the device. Is water descaling a solution here?

Removing limescale is perhaps the first idea that comes to mind when it comes to protecting your household appliances. However, lime deposits in the water are not harmful to the human organism, but lime-free water is often preferred for drinking for reasons of taste. But you also have to consider that the water had to travel a long way to get to our household, so the natural structure was destroyed. Modern tap water systems pump the drinking water, which has been technically treated in the waterworks, through kilometers of straight water pipes into our homes. Above all, the bio-physical quality of our drinking water is severely affected. This results in limescale deposits. Limescale removal is becoming more and more of an issue.

Due to the unnatural transport, the water forms large molecular compounds, also called clusters. Water from the tap is very low in oxygen and the drinking freshness drops noticeably. There are also lime deposits as a result of large calcium-magnesium clusters. Limescale mainly consists of calcium and magnesium - these two minerals basically have a good effect on the human organism, it is questionable whether limescale should be removed or whether there is a better solution. The problem is that limescale is not properly dissolved in the water and when it does, it can cause huge problems and costs. "Hard water" has a very high calcium content and the probability of limescale deposits is correspondingly high.

Descale water to avoid problems

Once the deposits have built up, it can be difficult to remove limescale. Iron and oxidized iron particles are deposited, resulting in the formation of rust and pitting in the pipes, which is a serious threat to water pipes. If you're not careful, limescale deposits can become a real problem. Leaky water consumers, such as toilet cisterns, heating coils, boilers, heat exchangers and the use of cleaning agents, can cause significant additional costs of several hundred euros per year. Descaling water will be a must.

Typical problems that arise when water is not descaled:

  • Loss of water pressure due to reduced pipe inner diameter
  • As a result, completely clogged water pipes
  • Higher energy costs due to limescale deposits on heating elements
  • Frequent repairs and replacement of various household appliances

Therefore, especially in regions where "hard water" is common, decalcification is often used, but the traditional methods of removing limescale are also questionable.

Traditional methods are aggressive

Classic methods of removing limescale promise that they can protect our household appliances, but these methods of descaling water also have disadvantages. Important minerals are removed: Many have the misconception that limescale not only causes problems for our washing machine, but also for our body, but that's not true! The good news is that we cannot "calcify" by consuming lime water. Calcareous water is even good for human health, because lime consists of the vital minerals calcium and magnesium, among other things. You don't have to decalcify water for your health.

Descaling water is often done with salt, which increases the sodium levels in drinking water. The conventional methods of descaling water are based on ion exchangers: the calcium and magnesium ions are replaced by sodium. This removal of minerals from drinking water is not healthy from a nutritional point of view. Bottled water in the supermarket is often adorned with terms such as "rich in magnesium and calcium" or "low in sodium" to emphasize the high quality. An ion exchanger can produce lime-free water, but the drinking water quality suffers as a result. Especially when preparing baby food you have to pay attention to the sodium values.

The original water hardness or the sodium value of the water is often already very high, which is why the sodium value of 200 mg/l according to the Drinking Water Ordinance can quickly be exceeded.

Limescale-free water - risk for more bacteria?

Classic water decalcification with an ion exchanger and salt can increase the risk of contamination in tap water. Removing limescale is not the optimal solution in this case.

If the drinking water stays longer in the exchange resin of the ion exchanger during water decalcification, an increased germ load can be expected. In the case of classic water decalcification, care must be taken when the ion exchange resin is regenerated for longer periods of time to ensure that this resin is disinfected accordingly. At this point, one wonders what alternatives there are to removing limescale and how the quality of drinking water can be sustainably improved.

Why lime-free water is not always healthy

Lime consists of magnesium and calcium. These minerals are important for our body, so why do we need to decalcify? In addition, water is a healthy, natural, often regional and probably the most environmentally friendly food of all. The human organism cannot survive without water: We need water for our metabolic processes and use it every day for cooking and washing. Good water must be part of our diet. Depending on how we eat, we absorb more or less part of the water with our solid food, the rest has to be drunk. The best thirst quencher in this case is drinking water fresh from the spring. Like all food, it has various ingredients, but is completely calorie-free. The lime in the water strengthens bones, teeth, fingernails and hair because it consists of magnesium and calcium. In our body, calcium and magnesium are also important components of the enzymatic and biochemical metabolic reactions.

The alternative to descaling - magnetic water descalers

OXYSPIN has developed a way that outshines conventional water descalers. This is not about the typical descaling, but the magnetic water descaler from OXYSPIN breaks up encrusted limescale and dissolves limescale structures with the power of magnets.

The crystalline structure of calcium and magnesium is broken up by the magnetic water softener and the lime is converted into fine flakes. This way the magnetic water descaler works ensures that the flakes can no longer stick to surfaces, so the line is protected from deposits and bacteria, and classic decalcification is no longer necessary. Neither chemicals, salts nor electricity are needed for this process. The water remains unpolluted with the magnetic water descaler from OXYSPIN. The magnetic water descalers from OXYSPIN are manufactured in Switzerland under the highest quality standards and each one is individually tested for its effect and function. With our technology, which uses magnets to decalcify water, the vital liquid can be softened in a gentle way.

Our AQUA MAGNET product range in sizes S, M, XL, XXL, XXXL help you to prevent limescale deposits in your household without filtering out important nutrients. You can prevent long-term damage caused by encrusted limescale with our magnetic water descaler. Water pipes and household appliances are protected by the AQUA MAGNET. You also have the advantage that the reduced limescale ensures that you can clean your household better. There are no longer any unnecessary maintenance and repair costs for boilers and water supply networks if you use our magnetic water descaler. Our high-performance magnet systems do not require any maintenance - if there is no upstream water filter, the system can do with an annual inspection so that the iron particles that have stuck inside the water pipe due to the magnetic effect are flushed away. No additional energy or power connections are required. Attach the magnetic water descaler to your water pipe yourself quickly and easily. No additional assembly by skilled workers is required and when you move you simply take our magnetic water descaler with you!