Vital life is and is created through water, love and harmony

Water is the No. 1 food - whether during pregnancy, breastfeeding or for milk powder to mix in, the following should be considered when drinking:

  • The physical bioresonance and the frequency in the water
  • Adequate and proper hydration during pregnancy
  • Basic care of infants after weaning

Chemical substances are not removed by boiling! Spring-fresh tap water, filtered and swirled with technology that conforms to nature, gives you the BEST – water.

Water is not chemistry

Therefore, liquids with baby food from PET bottles, but also non-activated water should be avoided. For medicine and biology, all life processes in the human body take place chemically.
The pharmaceutical industry also builds on this, medicine = chemistry. This equation of the exclusive chemical consideration - is no longer tenable today.

This was shown, among other things, by the investigations of Prof. Fritz Popp.

The fact that 10 million cells die every second and are immediately replaced by the body shows that communication in the body cannot only take place chemically.
In order for the necessary information from the old cells to flow correctly to the new cells, they have to be transmitted at the speed of light.
This requirement exceeds the ability of any messenger.

The information is thus transmitted in a different way and this can only happen at this speed electromagnetically.
In this important process, the water comes into play again - the clearer, the more lively the water is, the better the organism can transmit information without falsifying or misdirecting it.

When someone recommends removing substances from water, they are following chemistry and not life. Substances in non-living water have a different effect on the organism than in living water. As soon as substances can move freely in water, they are good for the human body.

Because activated, living water does not follow the teachings of chemistry, chemistry still cannot explain most of the properties of water today.

Living water is about light, energy, physics, structure and frequency - not matter.

Therefore, the frequency of the absorbed water must be taken into account.
Water is a frequency memory and therefore has a memory. This fact affects the bioresonance of the body. Additional information is thus transmitted through the lymphatic system (regulator for the water balance in the tissue).

In summary, there is a dependence of the bioresonance of the body on the frequency in the cell water. Both are influenced by drinking behavior.
The development of the meridian currents is an as yet unexplained phenomenon of evolution. The basis is the egg and sperm cell, which can be classified with 99.9999% of a water molecule, and implement the bio-resonance of the blueprint of life with electromagnetic energy through a stored "multi-frequency".