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15 products
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Ocean Bottle (500ml)
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Ocean Bottle (750ml)
Thermos bottle "City Bottle...
Mountain Bottle Set Include...
Power Bottle 2.2 liters
Power Bottle 1.3 liters
My Day Mug (280ml)
My Day Mug (480ml)
Power Bottle Lid Nuppi
Power Bottle Lid Flat
Mountain Bottle Lid 1 With ...
Mountain Bottle Lid 2 With ...
Power Bottle Strip Handle
Mountain Bottle Band - Hand...

Sustainable, stylish and functional drinking bottles.

Our lifestyle bottles are not only a great accessory, but also an ideal companion for your drinking water.

Our drinking bottles are robust, durable and suitable for everyday use - whether in the office, in sports or at home.

The lifestyle bottles are made of stainless steel, have an antibacterial effect and, unlike plastic or aluminium, do not release any components into the beverage content.

Your water stays cool and fresh for hours in the double-walled bottle in summer and in winter the bottle is used for hot drinks and warms you from the inside.

You increase your well-being and at the same time protect the environment by using our sustainable product.


Design- Our water bottles come in a variety of stylish shapes, colors and sizes. In our configurator you can create the right bottle for your lifestyle.

You can also personalize your favorite bottle with a laser engraving and equip it with other practical accessories.

Thermal function - Due to the double-walled structure, our lifestyle bottles (with the exception of the power bottle) are thermal bottles.
Your drink stays warm or cool, depending on your preference.

Pure taste experience - food-safe 18/8 stainless steel (304), no harmful substances in your drink, free from odor and taste residues, free from BPA.

Durable material - stainless steel is extremely robust, so that your bottle will be a faithful companion if used carefully. It does not dent as easily as aluminum and does not break like glass. This makes stainless steel bottles ideal for use outside the home.

Environmentally Conscious - 100% Recyclable - Stainless steel is 100% recyclable. If you no longer like the bottle - and you don't want to give the bottle away - you can also throw our product in the recycling bin or in the yellow bag. If you want to be sure that your bottle is properly recycled, it is best to take it to the nearest recycling center.


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