No lime deposits

We all drink water. However, limescale in our tap water is a problem. OXYSPIN has a simple and natural solution that improves our drinking water from the tap without chemicals or effort. The AQUA AID MAGNET M & XL are neodymium magnets that are placed on the water pipe and loosen limescale connections.

With the help of the magnetic forces, an exciting process can be observed in water flowing past:

Limescale is dissolved in the water, as are minerals such as magnesium and calcium crystals. The more of it in the water, the easier it is for lime to bind to the hydrogen bonds in the water. The lime collects in so-called “clusters”, i.e. lumps. However, the magnetic force can reverse this phenomenon, the lime is dissolved and can no longer settle in pipes or on surfaces, it lacks structure. However, the important minerals in the water are retained. This has been scientifically proven to reduce the lime content.

No limescale deposits in the pipes also means that bacteria no longer have a place to attack. And by the way, the energy consumption is also reduced because the flow rate of the water increases.

The AQUA AID MAGNET M & XL are the solution against limescale clusters. They are permanently maintenance-free and can be easily attached to the house water pipe or to any pipe to the water tap. As a powerful magnet, the AQUA AID MAGNET M & XL never loses its effect, in the long term the best and most natural solution against too much lime in the water.

Tap water becomes super soft water - with OXYSPIN and the AQUA AID MAGNET M & XL.