Cell water – source of life, the water of life par excellence –

... its purity and quality, inside and outside the cell, decides about life and...

For humans, as for most living beings on this earth, the regular intake of water decides between life and death. Each of the billions of human body cells contains a tiny drop of water, the so-called cell water, whose salinity has preserved the millions of years old chemical memory of the primordial sea. The human body consists of about 70 to 80 percent water depending on age, a little more in small children and a little less in older people.

If the water content in the body decreases, the cell water in the cell also decreases. If the quality of the cell water decreases due to the intake of environmental food or luxury toxins, the human metabolism gets confused, the functions of the cell (living in the cell water) are restricted and the energy it needs for all biochemical processes is lost and diseases occur are inevitable as a result. Water is life and our cell water, the elixir of life of crucial importance for the health of people, animals and plants! All the more important is the realization that we should take care to maintain its purity and quality and its geometric order.

Cell water has the highest geometric form (water molecule), its quality and purity, decides on the life and death of each individual cell - the living space, the cell water decides on life and death!

Like our earth and humans, the water molecule is also a dipole. The electromagnetic waves oscillate between the north and south poles, head and feet or plus (oxygen atom) and minus (hydrogen atoms). Viktor Schauberger has recognized that water therefore reads chemically materially downwards through the gravitational force and at the same time biophysically as biophoton energy upwards, i.e. it is subject to a levitational force.
Professor Carrell (Nobel Prize winner) proved that our heart is driven like a turbine by these living antagonistic forces of our bodily fluids. So our heart is not a pump, but a driven turbine that conveys the rhythmic heartbeat.

The electricity generated in this way also supplies our brain with the nominal shoe frequency of 7.8 Hertz. The water always moves in a meandering manner, ie in spirals, whirlpools and whirlpools, comparable to the double spiral, the double helix of our DNA, materially downwards in the first spiral, and upwards in the second parallel lying spiral as light.

When the gravitational and levitating forces of the water get out of balance, the levitation weakens and is no longer sufficient to inform the water crystals and to keep them at the necessary level of coherence, I sink more and more pulled by the gravitational force to the ground, so to speak, until I am manifestly ill. If the water develops towards disorder, a state of thermal equilibrium with a rather relatively chaotic structure, the plasticity and receptivity to external biophysical ordering impulses and biochemical substances is increased, ie the immune system is weakened and bacteria and viruses can multiply.

All biochemical and biophysical processes require cell water

All biochemical processes in the body require water, namely the purest water in spring water quality, with the highest degree of order, in order to support each individual cell and its cell water in the metabolic processes and to supply the energy it needs. Therefore, the quality of the drinking water, not only in terms of biochemical but also biophysical purity, is of crucial importance.

Because the more "ballast", the more metabolic end products, the more pollutants and cell toxins that the water we drink can absorb and transport away, the better it is able to clean our tissues and body cells. The higher the quality of our cell water, inside the body cells (intracellular) as well as the cell water outside the cell (extracellular) where the cell lives, the more life information and life energy the cell water contains.

Health means order - and cell water has the highest degree of order that the science of water research knows!

The water can also absorb information that is harmful to humans and store it in its water molecules. As the physicist Dr. Wolfgang Ludwig: “And so polluted drinking water can be contaminated with lead, cadmium, nitrates and other substances, although it can be chemically cleaned and freed from bacteria by water treatment plants. Nevertheless, after this cleaning, it still shows electromagnetic frequencies, which can be assigned to these pollutants after careful examination! This means nothing other than that our drinking water, despite chemical treatment, can be harmful to health due to the information stored, ie that water contaminated with heavy metals, even after the most thorough cleaning or filtering, transmits the pollutant information to the human organism! "

After the drinking water has been cleaned by filter systems, it is important to delete the pollutant information in the water molecules, to inform them again (also called structuring) and to restore the order of the water molecule to a "crystal". Only this optimal filtering with subsequent restructuring and establishment of the degree of order brings the certainty of drinking really healthy water.

Just like it can be found in nature in the purest spring water and in our body in cell water.