create order

The physics Nobel Prize winner Erwin Schrödinger defined life as order. In order to be able to live at all, man must accept "order" from the outside. This happens primarily through sunlight and the water contained in our food. Another word for order is structure. And structure is represented in geometry. Geometric shapes are fine.

Nobel laureate dr. Alexis Carell wrote in his book: “The Cell Lives Longer”: “ Water can still store information even if its origin is no longer materially present (provable). for dr Alexis Carell, the quality of the water in our body is vital and responsible for maintaining the cells. This means that the higher its quality and the greater the geometric order of the cluster molecules, the better it can eliminate metabolic residues and supply the cells with vital information. Cell water = water of life!

The more complex, i.e. the geometric structures of the drinking water, the more
They contain "life information".

The water molecule H²O is a tetrahedron, one of the five platonic solids. Four water molecules together form a perfect pyramid, the angular dimensions of which correspond exactly to the great pyramids in Giza. The livelier the water is, the more structured the water molecules, the longer are its molecular chains, these are called "clusters".

Such cluster molecules combine to form even larger complexes. Not in any way chaotic, but very strictly ordered according to the platonic solids.

Think, for example, of a snowflake or an ice crystal (the water-crystal paintings by Masaru Emoto are just one of the myriad scientific proofs of this). Water, salt and crystal (quartz) belong together. They consist of the perfect geometry of the platonic solids. The water is a tetrahedron (based on triangular faces), the salt is a cube (square faces), and the crystal is a hexahedron (hexagonal faces).

Our cell water in the body is geometrically so highly structured (=informed) that one even speaks of crystal water or crystalline cell water in science – its order is just as large as the atomic crystal lattice of a quartz. One could call water a liquid crystal.

This is especially true for the cell water in our brain. Its ordered geometric structure is so complex that it has the consistency of a gel. Its information content is correspondingly high. This is the only reason why the brain can act as the control center and mediator (neutransmitter – messenger substance of the nerve cells) between the finer levels of the human being and his physical body.

Cells need order, an ordered structure, to be receptive - chaos makes you ill!

When this order is destroyed, decay occurs. The brain is particularly sensitive to this. Technical microwave beams (e.g. from mobile phones) open the blood-brain barrier after just 30 seconds, which means that toxins can pass from the blood into the cerebrospinal fluid. As a result, these highly structured water crystals begin to dissolve and the cerebrospinal fluid liquefies. "Then it just runs out of the nose like in cattle and it's called BSE" (biophysicist Peter Ferreira). Just 15 seconds in the microwave oven are enough for biophysical frequency patterns to no longer be detectable in an apple; the fruit therefore has no life force, no more light energy. This also has biochemical effects: The elements contained are no longer organically bound, but are only available in inorganic form, so the body can no longer metabolize them. And what was previously basic is now suddenly acidic.

As early as the late 1970s, an experiment was carried out in England with 8,000 domestic cats, which made these changes clear. The cats were kept in completely closed rooms for several weeks, but were allowed to eat whatever their hearts desired.

The only catch - all the food and drinking water was briefly irradiated with microwaves. After two to three weeks, the cats exhibited unnatural behavior patterns (including homosexuality) and after four to five weeks all the cats had died. Dissection of the animal carcasses revealed starvation as the cause of death, although the animals were almost stuffed to the bursting point. – Where the structure (order) is missing, there is no longer any life. However, the structure is already destroyed when milk is pasteurized.