HYDRATION If you drink properly, you think better!

Many people know that you should drink 1.5 to 2 liters of liquid every day. Despite this, around a third of German employees drink too little at work. This was the result of a survey by the German SBK (Siemens company health insurance company) among employees. Regularly reaching for a glass of water not only quenches thirst, but can also help to reduce stress.

Daily traffic jams, hectic mornings, professional and private appointments: today's everyday life is often associated with enormous stress. Especially at work, it is difficult to think about drinking when faced with all the challenges. Almost half of the employees surveyed by the SBK (49 percent) stated that they did not have time to drink water due to stress. Reaching for a glass of water regularly is extremely important for concentration and performance.

This can even be measured: up to 24 hours after a loss of fluids, the ability to retain and process information suffers - for example facts that you recorded in a meeting with your teammates. Don't forget to drink! Our brain consists of about 90 percent water, so dehydration becomes organic stress. We should therefore pay attention to a balanced water balance, especially in phases of heavy stress, otherwise tiredness and lack of concentration will follow. Don't forget to drink in hectic times

Don't forget to drink in hectic times

"Where you spend most of your time during the day, for example at your desk, you should always have the determined daily requirement for drinking water ready," advises the expert. A drinking diary can help people who are not used to paying attention to their water balance. It is often enough to note down when and how much liquid you take for a week. You should also always drink a glass of water on as many occasions as possible, for example during a break or with coffee.

Drink for stress

In the office, water can also help us to calm down. Even the few seconds in which you drink a sip of water mean a short break from the stress of work. "Water has a cleansing effect, not only externally, but also from a psychological point of view. The time we take in the office to drink a glass of water helps us to stop, breathe deeply and re-center ourselves", Matthias Mend knows. If you drink consciously, you create small breaks. Something positive is made out of something ordinary.

"Drink yourself smart" campaign for every company

Whether CEO, assistant, programmer or salesperson: Being able to concentrate at work is the basis for success and fun at work. Because mental freshness also depends on a constant supply of liquid, we recommend starting a "drink yourself smart" campaign. In this way, the company promotes healthy drinking behavior in the workplace. As part of this project, the employees of the participating company receive exclusive online coaching. For example, every employee can document their daily drinking amount, download a drinking diary or enjoy tools such as a drinking watch - this regularly reminds its owner to give their gray cells a fresh sip of water.