Magnetic lime converter against legionella & germs

OXYSPIN AQUA AID MAGNETS are the optimal solutions for domestic and tap water in objects of all sizes - without electricity, without plastic, without chemicals.

With the limescale converter systems, you extend your security against corrosion in the entire pipe system, against encrustations (shelter for bacteria such as legionella etc.), against leaking pipes (pitting) and against metallic or plastic taste.

Legionella infections can be fatal, and the trend is increasing.

In Germany, up to 30,000 people contract Legionella every year, of which around 15 percent are fatal, and the trend is rising.

The question is: "How can this be? Two examples of possible causes:

  • Poorly executed drinking water installation and incorrect selection of pipe materials that promote germ growth (e.g. plastic pipes (polymers) are always a breeding ground for bacteria and germs, release according to KTW recommendation does not mean that no biofilm grows)
  • Missing grounding / equipotential bonding on water-carrying lines.
    Electrolytic induction favors corrosion and thus incrustation within the line, which in turn favors the formation of biofilm.

Pollutants are showers, whirlpools, humidifiers and air conditioning systems.
Who does it concern? Anyone who showers and comes into contact with water vapor.

Legionella can be absorbed by inhaling water vapor in our lungs and lead to serious illnesses (Legionnaires' disease). Showers, whirlpools, humidifiers, air conditioning systems can be the culprit(s). What are the causes?

All water-wetted surfaces in the drinking water installation are colonized by biofilms. Materials and tap water itself are the first suspects as potential sources of nutrients for increased biofilm formation. The following points can also have a significant influence.

  • Corrosion due to electrolysis in water-carrying pipes (hidden under rust and lime incrustations, etc.)
  • Phosphate from dosing systems to prevent corrosion (encourages contamination)
  • Disused, so-called "dead lines" or unknown lines (bacteria can live here inactively for 10 years or more)
  • Descaling systems (cation exchanger)
  • Plastic pipes and nanoparticles are an ideal "breeding ground" for microbiology

All of these can be causes of microbiological contamination. The following procedures have not proven themselves and can even increase the problem as a result.

  • Thermal disinfection
  • Chemical disinfection

Why don't these procedures work? With disinfection, the germs are killed and "corpses" are formed, which then allow the biofilm to grow. This creates an ideal breeding ground for the surviving germs, such as legionella. In optimal conditions, these can then double within just 20 minutes. What a danger!

Legionella in domestic or tap water, exceeding the limit values ​​will pose an ever-increasing problem for every owner or operator in the future, because with the increase in temperature, the tap water temperatures will continue to rise and thus the living conditions of the germs will be significantly improved. To prevent this, immediate action is required.

Tip and recommendation for the consumer

If the water in the house has been standing for a long time, for example after a holiday, you should flush the pipes. However, this is only a risk minimization in the case of legionella floating around freely, in no way a solution in the case of an existing biofilm.