OXYSPIN vortex technology plus oxygen

The energy of the multiple vortex

Internal cellular consumption requires more available hydrogen, so maintaining a good pH balance in our drinking water is important. Dehydration is the principle and causative factor in the aging process and responsible for most diseases. That's why it's important to drink eight glasses of water a day. Above all, we should make sure to drink healthy water.

This water structuring technology harnesses the natural powers of Mother Nature. Water is cleaner, softer, more vital and better tasting without the use of chemicals, salts or complex metal alloys for truly maintenance free conditioned water treatment. Many of the conventional water filter systems soften the water and all the healthy minerals that the body needs are thus filtered out. In our water treatment systems, all valuable substances remain in the water. Water that has been filtered loses its vitality and needs to be revitalized. Water treatment with OXYSPIN technology revitalizes tap water and increases the biophoton level in the water. The water molecules are restructured and the oxygen-enriched drinking water is crystallized.

This principle of water treatment uses the dynamic property of the water, which acts like a "fluid machine" at the molecular level. The structured drinking water treatment changes the molecular structure of the water and the minerals in the water. The advantages are that the healthy minerals help the body are made available, excess minerals, suspended matter and sediments are very finely dissolved.

Existing systems rarely include this innovative application of the "vortex" phenomenon. With the structured water treatment, the water is not only restructured, but also revitalized and reactivated, with simultaneous restructuring of the pollutants dissolved in the water.

Special waters rich in bio-available minerals are often associated with well-being and longevity.

Studies worldwide have shown that, for example, there is a close relationship between the level of magnesium in drinking water and longevity. This means that in areas where water is high in magnesium, fewer people died from heart attacks. Areas where magnesium is low have had more heart attacks. Distillation, reverse osmosis and water softeners used in the home remove most or all of the vital minerals used in water treatment. Many mineral water manufacturers replace these by enriching the water with essential minerals. But are these the same minerals that occur naturally flowing in nature? Nature knows what is best for our lives and what is not. There are no magic bullets that deliver the same as nature itself and are in balance with life.

The vortex systems (Latin Vortex) use the dynamic properties of the water, as they create a "fluid machine" on a molecular level

Another attribute of special water lies in its structure and is called "hungry water", ie it has the ability to dissolve and thus encapsulates in the water molecule all the elements that are bad for our human life. As this water is consumed, it attracts more of these elements and is disposed of in the digestive system. Good elements live on the water surface of the molecules and are optimally made available to the body.

The benefits of structuring are to draw excess minerals and suspended gases from drinking water in a natural, biological manner. Restructuring and revitalizing the water, making it purer and better tasting. It hydrates cells better, raises surface tension for better cleaning and mixing, and raises potential hydrogen (pH) to 7.0-7.5 and above, being alkaline. This allows the water to hold a higher surface tension and has better moisturizing properties.

75% of people are chronically dehydrated. Even mild dehydration slows our metabolism, causes fatigue, weakens our short-term memory, and increases existing health risks. It is therefore even more important to know the quality of the drinking water we drink than the quantity. Water is the most important component of the human body. Water regulates our body temperature, cushions and protects vital organs and supports our digestion. Our muscles are made up of 75 percent water and around 10 percent of adipose tissue is water. It works in every cell, transporting nutrients and removing waste. A healthy human body consists of two-thirds water.

Drinking structured water is the cheapest insurance and therefore one of the easiest ways to optimally support our body. Our body is better hydrated, toxic or metabolic waste is bound and eliminated. The body is optimally supplied with moisture. Studies have shown that drinking structured water throughout the day significantly helps the body to lose toxins and bind valuable substances.

Research has shown that staying hydrated minimizes the risk of chronic pain such as rheumatoid arthritis, back pain and gastrointestinal disorders. Cholesterol and blood levels are also lower. Most doctors advise that we simply drink enough water and keep our bodies hydrated. Many chronic diseases would thus no longer occur. Research has also shown that chronic dehydration is at the root of many diseases, such as dementia, associated with aging (eg, arthritis, gout). Overall, many people have become accustomed to being dehydrated. This becomes a big problem with age.

But not all water is the same. Structured water keeps excess oxygen stable. It helps the body to assimilate this water more than our bottled or tap water. Our bodies contain structured water when we are born. But as the human body ages, it comes under stress from impurities, pollutants, free radicals, poor diet, lack of exercise, and other external factors. The body begins to dehydrate and the structured cellular water that we are born with begins to diminish and lose its effective form. The result is that our ability to absorb water decreases as we age. Indeed, by consuming structured water, one can see the difference immediately. In addition, the water smells, tastes and feels better.