Oxygen is the life signal, cellular hypoxia is the serious core problem of the cell.
All biological and bioenergetic processes in the cell take place with the help of oxygen. Without oxygen, the cell functions are disrupted and the cell structure is damaged. The cellular material and energy exchange as well as the function of the immune cells, such as phagocytosis, are, among other things, dependent on oxygen. In other words, the phagocytosis activity or the ability of the phagocytes to eat depends on the better oxygen status, and consequently the better energy production and energy utilization of the cell.
Some factors such as chemotherapy, radiation therapy, surgery and stress lead to a lack of oxygen and energy as well as a weakened immune system, which must be combated with targeted therapy. In 32 cancer patients, an improvement in the blood count and immune stimulation could be observed and documented after 6-8 weeks of administration of oxygen-enriched drinking water. (Pakdaman, A., 1990).