We all drink water. However, our tap water can contain impurities. From chlorine to drug residues to microplastics, legionella and bacteria.

OXYSPIN has a simple and natural solution that cleans our drinking water from the tap and frees it of pollutants without chemicals or effort. With the AQUA AID filter made of stainless steel and activated carbon elements, impurities are bound and filtered out of the drinking water.
The scientifically proven effect of the activated charcoal extracts pollutants from the drinking water and makes it tasteless and has an antibacterial effect.

For on the go there is the OXYSPIN filter stick made of Japanese Binchotan oak, so you can actively prepare and optimize drinking water when traveling or on the go. For this purpose, we introduced our stainless steel bottle from the AQUA LIFETYLE series, which supports water treatment without plastic.

Tap water becomes spring-fresh super water with oxygen - with OXYSPIN and the AQUA AID FILTER products and the activated carbon filter stick.