Limescale converters reduce building operating costs

OXYSPIN's magnetic scale converters break down the crystalline structure of calcium and magnesium in water and convert scale into fine flakes.

Through this process, the magnetic lime conversion ensures that the flakes can no longer stick to surfaces.

Less detergent is generally required for washing and cleaning.
The AQUA AID MAGNETS are not made of plastic, do not require artificial salts or frequency-changing electricity.

The water remains harmonious and unpolluted with the magnetic water descaler from OXYSPIN. The magnetic water descalers from OXYSPIN are manufactured in Switzerland under the highest quality standards and each one is individually tested for its effect and function. The system for water decalcification with magnets from OXYSPIN can soften the existing drinking water in a gentle way.

The systems can be easily attached to the water pipe yourself.
The OXYSPIN product range AQUA AID MAGNETS with the sizes S, M, XL, XXL, XXXL can prevent long-term damage caused by limescale and saves the power consumption of the hot water boiler.

Water pipes and household appliances become more effective in their performance thanks to the AQUA MAGNET. Soft water does not need as much cleaning agent, detergent and fabric softener as conventional calcified water. Unnecessary maintenance and repair costs for boilers and water pipe networks no longer have to take place either.

The AQUA AID MAGNETS do not require any maintenance. Once a year it should be removed at the appropriate place so that the iron particles stuck inside the water pipe due to the magnetic effect are washed away.

It does not require an installer to attach the magnets and no additional power or electrical connections are required.