Swirled tap water with oxygen

OXYSPIN regenerates your tap water

OXYSPIN and next to it a track of pure water

In most European countries, water makes a long journey into our homes, despite strict drinking water management requirements. It flows through numerous pressure lines before it reaches us in the tap, losing its natural structure and oxygen content in the process, which you can also taste.

In addition, drinking water from the tap absorbs components such as bacteria, trace metals, chlorine and pesticides, which can damage our body in the long term. As a result, tap water has lost its original vitality, but OXYSPIN has created a way to make tap water drinkable again!

OXYSPIN's goal - Everyone has the opportunity to drink clean, high-quality water straight from the tap at home! Our systems make it possible to filter drinking water from the tap in a healthy way, regardless of the location or the construction of your house. Our system activates and purifies drinking water from the tap and promotes physical vitality through hydration!

What is water made of? How is it doing?

To understand what it means to drink tap water, we need to understand the nature of water. Water is not simply water. The chemical explanation is insufficient to see through the fluidity of life. But you may know that everything in the world is made up of different little building blocks. We're talking about molecules here. Water, drinking water from the tap, spring water, steam, rainwater, etc. is always made up of the molecules called H2O. These consist of two hydrogen atoms (H) and one oxygen atom (O). Water molecules are constantly passing each other, but they are not tightly bound together, even when they are attracted. Therefore, water can form many different structures. Is drinking water from the tap healthy considering that it has lost its natural structure? Drinking water from the tap is one of the most heavily controlled foods in Germany, but this luxury must be carefully considered. After all, not all water pipes can be inspected and we have no guarantee that everything there is always hygienically clean. We all have to ask ourselves what the quality of drinking water from the tap is. How is clean drinking water produced and how does it get to us? Water in particular is very soluble and very absorbent. Drinking water from the tap can contain harmful substances.

Which water is drinkable? Tap, spring or distilled water?

There is no general answer to the question of whether drinking water from the tap is healthy. On the one hand, it is the most strictly controlled foodstuff in Germany, on the other hand, drinking water from the tap cannot be fully controlled. It takes a long time for drinking water to reach our house from the tap. Viruses, bacteria, drug residues and other pollutants are absorbed by the water. In order to improve the quality of drinking water from the tap, it must be properly treated. The quality of tap and drinking water can be increased by various methods. Drinking tap water is fine if it has been properly treated. Distilled water loses important minerals and spring water is not always available.

Despite strict controls, drinking water from the tap is often undrinkable and contains substances that actually have no place in the water. From a chemical point of view, drinking water from the tap appears healthy once all contaminants have been filtered out, but we must not forget that this water comes to us through pipes under high pressure. Biophysical properties must also be included when assessing the quality of water.

Movement plays an important role in water, since vital fluids are very sensitive to external influences. Drinking water from the tap has lost its natural structure and is low in oxygen. When drinking, you can smell the chlorine and the metallic taste spreads across your palate. The water can no longer be enjoyed and is not optimally absorbed by the body. Modern water research is making it increasingly clear that water quality primarily depends on its structure.

The water quality does not only depend on the chemical composition. The structural condition also plays an important role in the quality of drinking water. Spring water in natural bodies of water flows in a spiral and is rich in important minerals. The turbulence creates a special structure in the water that enables our body to absorb it better. In addition, springs in nature are rich in oxygen. This creates a restorative and self-cleaning effect in the water.

OXYSPIN: Drink healthy drinking water from the tap!

There are many systems and products on the market with different approaches to filtering healthy drinking water from the tap. It's hard to keep track of because they all promise to transform tap water into healthy ways.

OXYSPIN has studied all technical, physical and energetic environments.

For this reason, we have developed various filtration, decalcification, cyclone and purification systems to improve the quality of drinking water in the home.

The quality of drinking water from the tap is improved by OXYSPIN.

With OXYSPIN you can drink drinking water straight from the tap. The special thing about our system is that it is completely free of plastics and chemical additives. In addition, our approach to improving drinking water quality does not require the use of electricity. With OXYSPIN you can drink drinking water from the tap and do something good for your health.