The history of natural and medical science shows that in different epochs and in different cultures, the natural components such as
fresh air and clean water or oxygen-containing air and uncontaminated water in the health system for the scientists, especially medical professionals, were in the foreground. New methods for optimal and effective oxygen administration have long been sought in preventive and clinical medicine.
One of these methods is peroral O2 therapy, which, after a long period of development, was realized using oxygen and water.

Uptake of oxygen – bio-physically bound in the water – through the GASTROINTESTINAL PASSAGE

With this method, the receiving organ is the oral mucosa and gastrointestinal passage.

Oxygen absorption begins in the oral cavity and through the oral mucosa and is continued in the gastrointestinal passage through its enormous contact area (approx. 300 square meters) with wrinkling and the special anatomical-histological structural structure.

The villi of the small intestine and the capillary blood and lymphatic system are of particular importance here.