The bio-physical water treatment

With the aim of changing the physical properties of the lime dissolved in the water, the magnetic or metallurgical treatment of the water is often propagated today, especially to protect electrical appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers, coffee machines, kettles and boilers. The process works very reliably for a few manufacturers of such devices. It has been in use for over 30 years, but is considered little researched because the chemical lobby has repeatedly questioned its effectiveness. It is now known that water that has only been (electro-)magnetically treated is inert and can have a dissociating effect, ie it supports the tendency for disperse media to separate, such as that found in our bodily fluids. So if you only want to protect your electrical devices, you should definitely do this directly on the supply line to the device or, for example, put magnetic washing balls in the washing machine. However, before drinking or using it for cooking, water treated in this way should definitely be renaturalised using a natural system.

Conclusion: Protection for the electronic devices - Yes! For drinking/living not without first bringing the water back into a structured state! At the beginning of the 1980s, so-called revised water (also "nano-dynamic" or "swirled water") was used for the first time by the German physicist Wilfried Hacheney as a result of a research assignment in the building materials sector.

His process was patented, one of the best researched, required constant maintenance, was extremely noisy during processing, required a 380V three-phase power supply and was therefore never really widespread. But the effects of water eddies had already been discovered in the early twentieth century. When observing nature, the Austrian naturalist Viktor Schauberger was always amazed at inexplicable phenomena such as the high springs that spring from the highest mountain peaks or the trout in mountain streams. How could the water get up to these high mountains and then spring out of a rock, lively and lively? How did the trout manage to climb upstream over torrential water falls and to float in them almost weightlessly? Ultimately, he owed his unique, nature-loving intuition and his practical mind the discovery of the energy that endowed water with buoyancy and levitation forces. He saw this energy everywhere in nature, in the earth, in plants and animals and in the human organism. It is the energy of life: the life energy that he recognized in the movement of matter: in the swinging of river courses, in the cycloid spiral space curves of the media earth, water and air, in the forms of organisms. He developed various apparatuses in which water the size of nanoparticles was atomized and directed into such extreme vortex processes that it changed its structure, increased its solubility properties and absorbed oxygen and nitrogen to a large extent. The resulting large increase in the inner surface of the water means an increase in the energy content, as can be demonstrated by measurements of the light emission. Due to the high degree of decomposition, a high level of information erasure is also achieved (proof by spectroscopic measurements).

The world-renowned biophysicist Dr. re. of course Wolfgang Ludwig said: "Contaminated water, such as we often find in our wells today, which is downright contaminated with lead, cadmium, nitrates and many other pollutants, is chemically cleaned well by municipal water treatment plants and bacteria are removed, despite everything this water still has certain electromagnetic frequencies; vibrations that can be assigned to these pollutants. The water therefore contains certain signals - even after it has been treated - that can be harmful or harmful to our health. "Two processes are currently known , which can influence the physical properties of water to such an extent that these signals can be erased. Inspired by Viktor Schauberger and his writings and the lectures of his descendants, the original Martin-Wirbler was developed in 1972 by the German engineer Wilhelm Martin, which still has many fans and has inspired many developers since.

Its "vortex chamber" already reaches vortex speeds that achieve an increased gas exchange and associated bio-physical reactions with water constituents. In liquid manure treatment, such movement methods have been used successfully for many years for faster humus formation and reduction of aggressiveness of the liquid manure, which is primarily based on the increased oxygen effect. However, the most efficient developments in drinking water vortex chambers have come from Alexander Class, a student of Wilfried Hacheney, over the last 20 years.

Their effects are without an additional energy source, just through the line pressure, directly at the end of the water tap. Here, in a kind of time-lapse process, the effect of a mountain stream many kilometers long due to the pressure conditions in the pipe system is shown on just 3.5 cm. The water is then rich in oxygen, has a high dissolving power and a pH value >7.5 is therefore slightly alkaline. Also recommended for supplying entire houses, gardens, greenhouses, swimming ponds, pools or for the production of food and natural cosmetics is the Alexander Class reusable system, which is installed directly in the incoming water pipe. This is where the vortex process, magnetic forces, structural information from precious stones and seed crystals are combined. The positive experiences with nature-compliant water treatment systems from more than 30 years of use by many thousands of people around the world provide a wealth of practical evidence, even if school science still has difficulties with evidence here. At the same time, scientists from all over the world will meet on this topic for the 20th time this year in May at the annual conference of DEGEIM (German Society for Energy and Information Medicine). Conclusion: In recent years, the nature-compliant water treatment has become increasingly popular in all sections of the population. The maintenance-free systems, which function without additional energy sources, are 100 percent modeled on nature and usually outlive us by one or even several lives. They are particularly appreciated by many users in areas with very calcareous water. Influencing the water with "good" information. Methods that give the water information that is supposed to have a positive effect on the body currently account for the largest share of the methods for improving the water quality offered on the market. This ranges from precious stones, clay minerals, precious metal spirals and other "positive" substances to mysterious information transfers from "sacred" reference waters, alleged tachyon energy, runes, magical formulas, prayer magic and the like. Apart from the fact that none of these efforts can be proven in any way with the measuring methods available today, such an undertaking - if it should really work - means the production of a drug. Strictly speaking, this would of course require a targeted therapeutic application based on diagnostics related to the individual case. It doesn't make much sense to go into the wealth of equipment on offer here in more detail, because the criteria just mentioned can be applied to practically all processes. However, this is not to say that these devices are ineffective. However, the possible effect is neither objectively detectable nor calculable. Today there is no longer any doubt that pure and healthy water has a significant impact on our health.

So if you are interested in it, you should go to the best-equipped laboratory in the world and carry out your own experiments. We humans are this laboratory, our pets and our plants ourselves. And if we then find out that water in which a rock crystal has been lying for several hours is good for you – yes, then you should drink it as long as you feel like it has. However, I would like to warn against the often massive ideological pressure that is built up in the wake of such efforts by individual companies - be it out of business interests or to compensate for the lack of objectively verifiable results and effects. If you are addicted to nature-conforming, tried-and-tested technology without spending a lot of time and money, you are well advised to follow the recommendations mentioned. Conclusion: I deliberately avoided going into so-called "basic devices". Basic and acidic water is produced here by means of catalysis. These systems are only useful for therapeutic use and only make sense privately in exceptional cases.

This overview of the various treatment methods should serve as a guide for all those readers who value the quality of their drinking water. The importance of good water for maintaining the health of people and the environment is becoming increasingly important to us.