Lack of water – Germans drink too little

More than half of the German population does not drink enough water. This can be especially dangerous in the summer. When the temperatures get warmer, our organism starts its cooling system: we start to sweat. By evaporating sweat, the body sheds excess heat, thereby avoiding overheating. But why is it so difficult for us to drink? We all know how important it is to drink and at the same time we don't like to reach for the water bottle. Even our tap water does not invite us to drink more. We have water almost everywhere, but we still refuse to drink this water.

Tap water in Germany is one of the cleanest substances in the country, but this vital liquid travels a long way before it reaches our households. Viruses, germs and bacteria are absorbed by the water from the kilometers of pipes. There are also limescale deposits. In addition, the water changes its structure under the high pressure and loses oxygen content. Tap water is no longer the original water that we know from nature. Not only does our tongue notice this, but also our entire body. Many people who don't like pure water don't know what good spring water tastes like. Because fresh spring water usually tastes good and is very digestible. OXYSPIN has developed systems that can restore tap water to its original form, so that you can enjoy the natural taste of spring water at home!

With tap water against dehydration

If you learn to love water, you will be far from dangerous dehydration! To understand what it means to drink water, one must understand the properties of water itself. Water is not simply water. A chemical explanation is not enough to see through the vital liquid. However, you can get used to the fact that everything in the world is made up of various small building blocks. We're talking about molecules here. Drinking water, tap water, spring water, steam, rain and so on always consists of the so-called H2O molecules. They consist of two hydrogen atoms (H) and one oxygen atom (O). Water molecules are constantly flowing past each other, but they don't bond tightly to each other, yet they stay together.

That's why water can form different structures, and here's the answer why not all water tastes good and not all water can optimally hydrate the body: The right structure has to be in place to counteract dehydration! Even if, for example, tap water is one of the best controlled foods in Germany, we have to take a careful look at this luxury. After all, you can't control all water pipes and you can't take it for granted that everything there is always hygienically clean.

Tap water can protect against dehydration when properly treated. Water filters for drinking water are a must when it comes to the vitality of our body. Our systems remove all harmful substances that the water has absorbed on its way into our household, so that the drinking water becomes drinkable again and our organism can be sufficiently hydrated. Water filters for drinking water will create many benefits for your body in the long run. Drinking tap water becomes a pleasure with our products!