AQUA - to go

We all drink water. Especially on the go, on vacation or during sports.
But plastic bottles and water from large corporations are not in our backpacks - the focus at OXYSPIN is on our own ecological drinking water treatment.

The combination of the stainless steel bottle with the activated carbon filter stick turns any tap water into spring-fresh, filtered water in a short time. Your super water comes from the tap - regional, ecological and healthy.

The AQUA AID TASTE PLUS + water swirler can be conveniently taken anywhere and transforms every tap into a spring-fresh water station.
The AQUA AID TASTE PLUS swirls our tap water under pressure and enriches it with oxygen, the water becomes noticeably "lighter" and "more digestible" and can be better absorbed by the body, especially during sporting activities.
Good for the wallet and the environment - always fresh spring water, even on the go!

Tap water thus becomes spring-fresh water to-go –
with the FILTER-STICK, the BOTTLE and the