Bio-physical water treatment Living water cannot be assessed purely chemically.

For school science, all life processes in nature take place chemically. But this view, the purely chemical view, is no longer tenable. Communication in the human body cannot only take place chemically, as is shown by the fact that 10 million cells die every second, which the body immediately and completely replaces. In order for the necessary information to flow correctly from the old to the new cells, it must be transmitted at the speed of light. This requirement exceeds the ability of messenger substances. The information can only happen electromagnetically at this speed.
In this important process, the water comes into play again - the clearer, the more alive, the better the organism can transmit information without falsifying or misdirecting it. Anyone who recommends removing substances from the water is only following chemistry and not life. Substances in non-living water have a different effect on the organism than in living water.
As soon as substances can move freely in water, they are good for the human body. Because activated, living water does not follow the teachings of chemistry, chemistry cannot explain many properties of water. Because living water is about light, energy, physics, structure and rhythm—not matter.
For this understandable reason, systems for "physical" or "bio-physical" water treatment (water revitalization) have been firmly established for more than 50 years when it comes to health and well-being in the home or office. Many providers, many opinions, but a water tasting in your own four walls is a valuable experience. The differences in taste are often very subtle and the effects of vital water on the body can usually be determined very quickly. Even when bathing or showering, the first immersion is often convincing. "Hard" water suddenly looks soft like in a moor pond and the hair can be easily combed through again after washing. Discover water treatment without electricity, without plastic and without chemicals - for you and our nature.