Water is not simply water

Different waters - one health

Well, they all have one thing in common, they keep bioavailable minerals in solution. So they are not absolutely “pure”. And they are not all free of bacteria.

We can make similar waters in the lab today, but they have no more benefits than regular water. The reason natural waters are so sought after is that they all have a different structure than most surface waters today.

Researchers were able to prove this with Nuclear Magnetic Resonance.

This technique shows that these natural waters have clear structural differences to pure laboratory waters.

Structured or hexagonal water resembles the water that flows from a mountain spring. It is in a natural balance.

Because spring-fresh water is:

  • the best energizer
  • the best medicine
  • an inexpensive fuel

Our well-being depends on the ability of our cells to absorb water. When our cell walls are no longer flexible - aging begins. A child, for example, consists of 86 percent water, which reduces to around 65 percent with age. Our brain is made up of 96 percent water. The extracellular fluid requires more oxygen than is normally available.