Detox water - the trend for health

Swirled water with bio-physically enriched oxygen

The term "detox water" is on everyone's lips, but what is behind this trend? The so-called detox water should help to purify the body. Through environmental influences and food, our body absorbs small amounts of toxins that can accumulate over time. Sometimes the amount of these waste products is so high that our body cannot detoxify itself. For this reason, it is important to do regular detoxification. Detox cures decisively promote vitality and are a good alternative to aggressive laxatives.

Ideally, detoxification can be done with clean water. Pure water is underestimated in its detoxifying effect, but not all water is the same: the effect of detox water can have positive effects in the long term. You are less tired and have more energy throughout the day. Detox water does not have to be used as a detox cure per se, but you can also drink it every day. Detoxification with water does not have to be a major detoxification cure right away, but you can support your body in detoxification every day. It is therefore important to always pay attention to the quality of your drinking water so that the body is relieved in the long term during the detoxification process.

Why do the detox cure with water

An intensive detoxification treatment with detox water can help to remove the slag that has accumulated in the body for years. Far too often our organism carries around toxins that burden it because it cannot eliminate them. Our lifestyle is usually characterized by the fact that we put a lot of strain on our bodies. Everyday life is stressful, in the evening there is alcohol or sweets so that you can relax to some extent. In the long run, this lifestyle causes our body to go on strike: we become tired, powerless and listless, and our ability to concentrate and perform suffers. By consuming detox water we can counteract these symptoms and a large detoxification cure also helps us to flush out the toxins of the last few years from our organism. Especially a detox cure with clean detox water is a particularly gentle and effective way to cleanse the body.

Water is well tolerated by everyone and our organism has a water content of more than 75 percent. Other detoxifying substances can make you feel nauseous and uncomfortable, but in many cases this is not the case with detox water. Detoxification with water is gentle and effective at the same time. However, instead of conventional tap water, you should use qualitatively treated water for the detoxification cure. OXYSPIN has developed various systems to improve the drinking quality of tap water so that your body can get the maximum benefit from the vital liquid. Our water filter and water swirler ensure that you can enjoy high-quality drinking water at home. Our systems reliably remove bacteria and germs as well as other pollutants from the water, providing a good basis for the detoxification cure. Detox water is only effective when it is really pure. Water without pollutants is used in the detox cure as a means of transporting toxins, which frees the organism from its legacy.

What a water detox can look like

If the body does not get any purified water, then it begins to create a kind of intermediate storage: First, the waste products are stored in the fat and connective tissue, later there are fat deposits, impure skin or cellulite. So that this great burden does not arise in the first place or is dissolved bit by bit, it makes sense to include the detox water in your routine every day, even after the intensive detoxification cure. In the long run, detox water can help maintain weight and give us a boost of energy on a daily basis. Get used to drinking lots of detox water even after the detox cure, so that your body always has the opportunity to flush out toxins. If you want to try a detox treatment with detox water, you should drink at least three liters of it every day. It is best to start drinking in the morning and by the late afternoon you should ideally have your daily ration of water.

For breakfast, it's okay to have a green tea or a cup of coffee without sugar. Another large glass of detox water follows every hour until the early afternoon. Before going to bed, it makes sense to drink small amounts of detox water at regular intervals. A pure drinking cure without the intake of solid food can be carried out for three days. After that, it's important to slowly start eating again. It is best to start with light food such as fruit and vegetables. The body has changed and the digestive system has been massively relieved. For this reason, it makes sense to use a lot of sensitivity to get your body used to food again, so that you can take the full effect of the detox cure with you in the long term. Strong greasy foods should be avoided for a while after the detoxification treatment with water and only then slowly increase your rations again.

Drink enough to detox every day

A detoxification cure with water is only successful if you change your drinking behavior in the long term. It is recommended to drink either before or after meals rather than during meals. A glass of water before a meal can help the body produce digestive juices. Consuming detox water while eating is again not highly recommended as it can delay digestion. However, the following generally applies: Always drink when you are thirsty! The body's signals are important and must be taken seriously! If you ignore the body's signals, stress can quickly set in and the system slows down. For this reason, it is important to always listen to your body. It also makes sense to drink lukewarm water that has a temperature of around 20-22° Celsius. Cold detox water is not particularly beneficial for our system as it prevents the body from producing stomach acid.

Flavored detox water for detoxification

Since "pure" water can be perceived as too boring in the long run, this wonderful elixir of life can be enriched with other natural ingredients. Fruit, vegetables and herbs are particularly suitable in this respect, which you leave in a large jug with the water for several hours in the refrigerator. Afterwards you can enjoy the nutrient-enriched water and feel the detoxifying effects. The classic for detox water is and remains our beloved lemon water, which supports our liver in detoxifying. In general, there are many different variations and you can get creative when combining them: water with mint, rosemary, fresh berries, cucumber or fennel are just a few examples of the various possibilities. There is nothing wrong with trying something new every day and providing your body with tasty detox water. If you haven't tried it yet, now is the time to help your body detoxify!