With this method, the receiving organ is the oral mucosa and stomach
- Colon - Passage. The oxygenated water is usually through the passive Transport, ie diffusion and osmotic pressure, absorbed by the cells. Here they play Oxygen receptors located in the cell membrane and osmoreceptors in the Hypothalamus plays an important role. The osmoreceptors consist of cells and groups of cells in the hypothalamus and in the Liver. Through their function and with their help, d he osmotic pressure in the liquid medium of the body, especially in the blood, is monitored and controlled. Oxygen uptake begins in the oral cavity and through the buccal mucosa and gets into the stomach - Colon - passage due to their enormous contact area (approx. 300 sqm) m it wrinkling as well as the special anatomical - histological structure continued. Here are the villi of the small intestine (Motility of the individual villi and the intestine itself) as well as the capillary blood - and lymphatic system of particular Meaning. other side s indicate studies in people in whom the Relationship between cerebral blood flow and oxygen utilization with labeled 0215 was determined on one.